Don’t forget to visit Kep National Park, offering a fairly easy hiking experience a small road loops an 8 kilometers. Suitable to hike on foot, mountain bike or dirt bike around the park is the perfect complement to a seaside visit or after a succulent crab lunch. Fun and informative signs are placed along the way through Led Zep Cafe’s Squirrel Association. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water.

National Park is the most beautiful view in Kep provided landscape overlooking a long the path gulf of Thailand, Phu Qouc island, Kampot and Bokor mountain. And the trail on the east side of the mountain provides some striking views a cross the valley to a pagoda on the next mountain salt field and Angkul beach viewpoint. The trail is most easily accessed from the hillside road next to Veranda Resort. The Park entrance US$ 1 admission fee.

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